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Honeywell Lighting is committed to technological leadership, design efficiency and engineering excellence- providing world-class, mission-critical products as well as comprehensive, after-sale support.

The aerospace lighting industry began in 1933 when Grimes Manufacturing began producing aircraft navigation lights with Approved Type Certificate #20 from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Founded by the entrepreneurial inventor, Warren Grimes, and located in Urbana, Ohio, the company rapidly became the industry leader, with products renowned around the world for their innovative design, quality and reliability.

The legacy of Grimes' innovation, quality and technology leadership endures today as the company, now part of Honeywell, continues to expand the frontiers of design and manufacturing technology, creating the finest lighting products available for the world's fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

Some of the contributions we have made to aircraft lighting include the:

  • First anti-collision lights

  • First floor proximity lighting

  • First xenon strobe

  • First 400 ECP white LED anti-collision light

  • First floor proximity lighting

  • First Xenon strobe

  • First 400 ECP LED white anti-collision light

  • First qualified LED navigation and anti-collision lighting systems in air transport

  • Authoring of numerous FAR Technical Standard Order certification requirements

  •  Aircraft Exterior Lighting
    Honeywell aircraft lights incorporate state-of-the-art solid state light sources (LEDs), substantially increasing the reliability and life of our products.
    LED Lighting
     Aircraft Interior Lighting
    Honeywell has illuminated the cockpits and cabins of private, commercial and military aircraft, as well as spacecraft, since 1933.
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