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Radio Navigation
Honeywell provides a diverse line of radio navigation products across multiple industries.
AFISŪ is a powerful, two-way datalink communication system providing worldwide access to datalink communications via both VHF and satellite communication networks.
 GPS Receivers
Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) offers the latest method in high accuracy navigation by using a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth and transmitting microwave band radio frequencies across the globe.
 PrimusŪ HF-1050
Honeywell's newest HF radio, the PrimusŪ HF-1050, is poised to advance HF technology for the business and regional airline markets while providing the best value for performance.
 PrimusŪ II
Honeywell's PrimusŪ II radio system is a complete system featuring integrated navigation and communication, combined control and blended audio systems.
 Quantum™ Line
Our Quantum™ Line is the most technologically advanced group of products on the market, designed for high reliability and to meet the more stringent environmental and operational requirements for new generation aircraft.
 Multimode Receivers
The Honeywell Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) uses well-proven Bendix/Honeywell Cat-3B ILS and Canadian Marconi GPS technology. It has excellent industry acceptance with over 20 airlines and has exhibited outstanding reliability.
The MMR utilizes Honeywell "Quantum" technology concepts that include digital design for stability and reliability, interactive LCD for status and diagnostics, flash card PCMCIA for easy data loading and recording, and RS-232 PC and rear connector CMC maintenance interface.
 Embedded GPS/INS
This product family includes the DoD Tri-Service Embedded GPS/INS standard navigator, or EGI, fielded for use on tactical aircraft, transports and military helicopters. Honeywell products for military aircraft provide users with precise and independent inertial position information for navigation, targeting and attitude reference. Products are designed for low size, weight and power consumption operating across the spectrum of rugged military environments. Honeywell's RLGs offer demonstrated reliability, fast alignment, and very competitive product life-cycle ownership costs.
 Primus Radios
Honeywell’s newest HF radio, the Primus Radio, is poised to advance HF technology for the business and regional airline markets while providing the best value for performance.This 200-watt system is one of the most powerful radios available, and it comes at a weight savings of 20% over that of competitive systems. Furthermore, the newest HF family member is upgradeable for ARINC HF datalink compatibility. In short, it’s the best value in its class.
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