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Sensors & Inertial Products
Honeywell is a leading supplier of high-performance laser inertial products. Today's systems utilize advanced software features, Digital Ring Laser Gyros, and Quartz Accelerometers to provide high accuracy attitude, heading, velocity, flight vector, long range sole means Inertial Navigation, and other critical information to aircraft systems.
Honeywell accelerometers are the recognized industry leader for aerospace inertial navigation, guidance, and control, measurement while drilling, and industrial motion control and vibration monitoring applications.
Honeywell's new AH-1000 MEMS AHRS is the smallest, lightest, and most reliable AHRS in its class.
 AH-2100 Super AHRS™
The AH-2100 Super AHRS™ improves accuracy, provides greater safety and accommodates future growth as the communication, navigation, surveillance environment evolves.
 Air Data Computers
Honeywell is the leading supplier of Air Data Computers (ADC) and Air Data Transducers (ADT) in the world. We have been in the air data business for more than 45 years and produced more than 76,000 air data computers.
 Doors and Slides Controls
The DSCS is a Door & Slides Control and Monitoring System that monitors and reports the status of all aircraft access doors.
 Force Measurement Sensors
Honeywell presents force sensing products for applications such as pilot input force measurement, servo-loop feedback, overload protection, payload measurement.
 GG1320 Digital Ring Laser Gyro
The Honeywell GG1320 Digital Ring Laser Gyro is an affordable inertial sensor with the electronics and ring laser gyro packaged into an easy to use compact unit.
 HG9900 Navigation Grade IMU
This state of the art IMU provides navigation grade performance with proven inertial sensor technology in a small, lightweight package to meet the evolving needs of our aerospace customers.

 High Temperature Electronics
Honeywell's high temperature electronics for instrumentation and control applications in harsh environments include standard components and multi-chip modules that are designed to continuously operate for at least 5 years at 225°C.
One of the oldest product lines in Aircraft Sensors portfolio, the manufacture of high quality analog indicators for hundreds of aerospace applications has been a much sought after area of expertise in the marketplace for decades.
 Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) - Tactical
Honeywell is the leading producer of precision tactical sensor products which perform critical functions for missiles, munitions, ground based navigation, antenna stabilization, pointing, commercial survey mapping, and UAVs.
Honeywell's LASEREF® IV IRS is an all digital ring laser gyro (RLG) based inertial reference system providing ARINC 429 and ASCB digital outputs.
 LASEREF® Marine Product Family
Honeywell's LASEREF® Marine product family is the newest extension of our extremely successful LASEREF® product line.
Honeywell's LASEREF® V Micro IRS is an all-digital ring laser gyro-based inertial reference system providing ARINC 429 digital outputs.
Honeywell's LASEREF® V Micro Inertial Reference System (IRS) SM (Special Missions) is an all-digital high performance Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) based inertial reference system which provides ARINC 429 digital outputs.
LASEREF® VI IRU is the most advanced with microprocessor, on-aircraft data load capability, HIGH Step II software for 100% available RNP with Integrity coasting, ADS-B compliance with any GPS receiver & automatic mode control with align-in-motion.
Honeywell has designed a family of Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT). Honeywell's LVDTs are available in two basic varieties - basic and high temperature.
 Magnetic Sensors, Compassing and Dead Reckoning
Honeywell's Magnetic Sensors are among the most sensitive and reliable low-field sensors in the industry.
 Missile & Interceptor Guidance
For more than 40 years, Honeywell has been providing our customers with superior strategic guidance and navigation solutions, which are recognized for their exceptional performance and reliability.
 Multi Function Assemblies
Honeywell excels at incorporating multiple features and sensing elements into one integrated multi-function assembly. The assemblies can include resolvers, RVDTs, LVDT, and discrete switches.`
Honeywell has a long history of providing linear and rotary position sensors for demanding aerospace applications. These applications range from large commercial aircraft to various military platforms.
 Pressure Sensors and Transducers
Honeywell high precision pressure transducers offer outstanding features and benefits for a variety of applications.
 Pressure Switches
Honeywell has fabricated pressure switches for over 50 years. Our pressure switches have been supplied to various domestic and commercial aircraft platforms.
 Pressure Transmitters
Honeywell has fabricated MIL Spec qualified pressure transmitters for over 50 years. Our devices are designed to perform at the extreme temperatures (-65° to 225° C) and vibration levels required by military platforms.
 Radio Frequency (RF) Attenuator and Switches
Honeywell manufactures a family of CMOS-based high performance Radio Frequency RF digital switches and attenuators for wireless and broadband communications applications.
Honeywell's tradition in resolver and synchro design and fabrication predates World War II. We have provided resolver based position sensors for countless applications for over the past 75 years.
Honeywell is recognized as a leader in Variable Differential Transformer design and fabrication. We have provided RVDT based position sensors for aerospace application for over 30 years.
 Thermal Switches
Honeywell specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal products for space, commercial aviation, military (MIL-SPEC), transportation and commercial/industrial applications.
 Weight and Balance
The Honeywell Weight and Balance System measures aircraft gross weight and center of gravity using sensors mounted on the aircraft landing gear.
 Windshear Computer
Windshear detection, alert and guidance in a single unit - this is the Honeywell Windshear System, providing two levels of detection, Caution and Warning, during take-off and approach, the most crucial phases of flight.
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