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Environmental Control and Life Support Systems
Honeywell is a leader in environmental control and life support systems with over 500 million aircraft flight hours logged since 1945 and 35,000 flight hours in space.
 Carbon Dioxide & Trace Contaminant Removal System
Honeywell's Carbon Dioxide & Trace Containment Removal System safely revitalizes the breathing air within confined spaces to allow for extended operations without fresh air sources.
 Environmental Control Systems
Honeywell has extensive experience in designing and integrating air, water, and thermal management systems for commercial, military and space applications.

Honeywell's Environmental Control Systems provide proper pressurization, thermal and moisture control of the environment for demanding manned space applications
 Thermal Management Systems
Honeywell's Thermal Management System provides precise thermal control to handle the demanding requirements for space equipment.
 Waste and Water Management Systems
Since the inception of NASA's space program, Honeywell has been a supplier of life support systems for every human space flight and developed the air and water systems for maximum reuse and efficiency aboard the International Space Station. These highly reliable and efficient systems provide the environmental control astronauts need for water purification and waste management.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient design and ease of use

  • Minimal power consumption, volume and weight

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