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Vehicle Positioning Attitude Controls
Move your mission into the future, with a new generation of vehicle positioning and attitude control solutions for spacecraft, including satellites, launch vehicles and more. Honeywell uses leading mechanical and electronic designs, modeling and testing methods to create superior solutions to optimize performance, power, weight, and volume.
 Pointing and Stabilization Systems
Honeywell solutions are defining a new generation of spacecraft with demanding payload requirements.
 Reaction Jets
As a leading producer of Aerospace control products, Honeywell applies its half-century of expertise to the development of Divert and Attitude Controls for both strategic applications, tactical missiles and guided munitions.

Honeywell's Solid Divert and Attitude Control Systems (SDACS) technology leads the industry in precision directional control of kinetic warheads for ballistic missile interceptors. We helped pioneer the development of solid propulsion reaction controls for missile interceptors on the LEAP, AIT and SM-3 and have developed a new family of advanced high temperature Jet Reaction Controls (JRC) to provide unmatched agility, maneuverability and end-game lethality to tactical missiles and precision guided munitions such as Israeli Military Industry's Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

Honeywell Reaction Control System Advantages
  • - Temperature Capability to 5000F
  • - PWM Frequency Response to 400 Hz
  • - Fluidic and Poppet Valve Technologies
  • - Proven Designs Scalable To Several Thousand Pounds Of Thrust
  • - Low-Cost Monolithic Designs Support High Volume Production

Key Benefits
  • - Low development and operating costs

  • - Advanced, high temperature reaction jet controls provide unmatched agility and maneuverability
 Thrust Vectoring Systems
A wide range of reliable system solutions are available to provide high performance hydraulic or electro-mechanical control of engine nozzles.
By applying our expertise in hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanical and turbine power systems, we offer a broad range of highly reliable control system solutions to provide mechanical actuation of movable engine nozzles for the directional control of missiles, spacecraft and launch vehicles.

Key Benefits
  • - Low development and operating costs
  • - Flight-Proven, reliable performance
  • - Proven components available for custom integration
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