A leader in datalink communications for over 20 years, Honeywell's Global Data Center (GDC) is your 24-hour source for dependable flight support services. Crews stay in control with airborne two way datalink messaging. Linked to the outside world, the GDC system provides the sophistication and flexibility that enables you to communicate with your home base, Fixed Based Operators (FBO), Customs and Immigration, e-mail, fax machines, other aircraft, and much more.

All of your mission-critical air ground-air communications receive priority handling from the GDC, and our staff is available 24 hours per day to assist your aircraft with message delivery anywhere in the world. Providing unsurpassed dependability, each of the GDC's redundant communications systems are engineered for high reliability. When it counts, you can rely on the GDC to deliver your important messages.

Key Benefits:
  • Facilitates fast flight plan upload and recall on supported Flight Management Systems minimizing data entry errors

  • Improves communication via air-to-ground / ground-to-air / air-to-air messages

  • Provides weather updates to the cockpit for crew awareness and planning

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