The Global Data Center (GDC) provides a wide range of aviation and plain language weather information to complement our flight planning services. Weather services include textual and graphical weather products. Access to these services is available via telephone, datalink, and the GDC Flight Planning web site.

Weather graphics via datalink are currently available to:
  • Datalink equipped Primus Epic cockpits

  • A Global GNS-XLS Enhanced FMS and Remote Processing Unit (RPU)

  • An upgraded AFIS Data Management Unit (DMU) interfaced with either a Honeywell FMZ-2000 series FMS with 6.0 (or greater) software and a CD-820 Control Display Unit (CDU)

WINN can be delivered via XM.

Key Benefits:
  • Provides real-time, graphical information to aid in pilot decision making

  • Assists with optimal routing for cabin passenger comfort and trip duration

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